Barrier Film

The barrier film from tbs-pack is produced according to your individual requirements and assembled according to the desired properties. The film consists of several materials which are either laminated or coextruded. Due to its complexity, the film guarantees an ideal barrier effect and achieves best results in the areas of strength, moisture & oxygen barrier, heat resistance and weather resistance. The film therefore reliably protects your product against outside influences and prevents the entry of oxygen (CO2) and the escape of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2).

The data sheet for our barrier films is available on request. 

Our barrier films at a glance


  • material: PA / PE-Films, PET / PE-Films, multiplex-films ( EVOH, SioX, Alu, PP, PA)
  • high gloss and transparency
  • ideal shrink results
  • harmless to food
  • outstanding tear and puncture resistance
  • excellent light and UV protection

Possible Film Widths:

50 - 1200 mm

Possible Film Thicknesses:

20 - 120 µ

Application possibilities of our barrier films


  • fish
  • meat
  • cheese
  • sweets
  • pasta products
  • pastries
  • fruits and vegetables
  • dry products
  • convenience products


  • print and paper
  • small parts
  • toys
  • household goods

Information about our barrier films

  • available in different dimensions and thicknesses
  • "medium barrier" and "high barrier" versions possible
  • printable with your personal logo

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to produce rapidly according to your individual ideas - also custom-made products or larger quantities.

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