Cling Films
For manual & automatic packaging machines

What are Cling Films?

Stretch films are elastic films that are extremely stretchable without tearing.

Our films are essentially the same as the commonly known cling film and are made of food grade PVC. In the packaging industry for fresh and retail, they are used to pack food products such as fruits, vegetables and meat in trays or trays.

What kind of cling films do we offer?

Our cling films AUTO guarantee smooth operation for various fully automatic packaging machines thanks to their customized film formulations.
Fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat stay fresh for a long time with our cling films and are always best presented in different tray sizes. Our AUTO cling films are available in both single-layer and double-layer versions and optionally pre-perforated. 
Due to their high strength, flexibility and adhesive properties, our AUTO films offer excellent machine compatibility.

Our MANU cling films also combine transparency, anti-fog properties and tear resistance.
The MANU films for manual applications perfectly fit all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products that are packed with manual machines to be presented to the consumer in fresh packaging. 

Depending on the application and customer requirements, our cling films are optionally offered with perforation.

What are the advantages of our cling films?

Our PVC cling films are temperature-resistant (even at low temperatures) and are therefore ideal for use as fresh packaging in the refrigerated shelf.

Due to their PVC base, our stretch films have the advantage of no drops and no condensation on the film. Especially in supermarkets, this so-called "anti-fog" property of our film is an advantage, as water retention or water fogging makes the packaging less appealing to the end consumer.

Thanks to the anti-fog property, the excellent gloss and the transparency of our films, your products are always ideally presented at the point of sale!

Film Properties

  • Cling Film AUTO
    ModelCling Film AUTO
    Inner Diameter:76mm, 110mm
    Length:1000m - 2000m
    Width:250mm - 800mm
    Film Thickness:10 - 22 my
    Optional:Microperforated, single-double layer

  • Cling Film MANU
    ModelCling Film MANU
    Inner Diameter:76mm, 110mm
    Length:750m - 2000m
    Width:250mm - 800mm
    Film Thickness:7 - 18 my
    Color:Default, Violet, Pink
    Optional:Microperforated, single-double layer

Any Questions?

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