Shrink Sleeves

How do film sleeves work?

Shrink sleeves are all-around packaging for containers of all types and, with the option of full-body decoration, are an important marketing tool at the point of sale. Sleeves can be used flexibly for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages or other storage items.

Shrink sleeves are films bonded into a tube and applied to a product by thermal treatment. Due to the heat effect, the film sleeve shrinks like a second skin onto the product and not only protects your product excellently - but also makes your product an eye-catcher on every supermarket shelf! Mainly shrink sleeves are used for full body decoration or serve as tamper-evident protection. 

The data sheet about our PVC / PET / OPS / POF shrink sleeves is available on request.

Our PVC /PET /OPS Sleeves at a glance:


  • made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), OPS (oriented polystyrene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or POF (polyolefin)
  • with tear-off perforation 
  • colored indication printing 
  • available as preformed sleeves, cuts or rolled goods 

Potential Film Widths:

18mm - 350mm flat width

Potential Film Thicknesses:

30µ - 110µ

What are the advantages of our 360 degree printable shrink sleeves?

  • The complete product serves fully as advertising space
  • The sleeves can be applied universally and without wrinkles and are also suitable for specially shaped containers
  • Wide range of design options
  • Residue-free removal of the shrink sleeve: The sleeves adhere to the product only by shrink force and can be removed by means of tear-open perforations.
  • Light and/or visual protection through opaque films

What are the different applications?

  • Tamper-evident packaging: Products with screw caps, caps or other closures are secured by the tamper-evident packaging and protected from premature use. So the buyer can see directly whether the product has already been opened or used.
  • Added-value pack: Suitable for different seasons, advertising or promotion strategies, different products can be combined using sleeve packaging to increase the customer's purchase incentive (e.g. sunscreen + travel bag).
  • Duo-Pack Packaging: Duo-Pack packaging is ideal for promotional campaigns and ensures longer customer loyalty (Ex: 2 for 1 promotions). Due to the two-chamber sleeves, the products can be connected without any problems and through the individual printing of the sleeves, you can draw your customers' attention to the added value of the duo-pack.

Polyolefin floatable sleeves

Now new with us: Our floatable and very well recyclable POF sleeves!

Our new sleeves made of polyolefin material have a low density. In recycling plants, these sleeves can therefore be easily separated from the PET bottles during the floating or sink separation process. 

The separation in the floating process works like this:
While the heavier bottle material sinks to the bottom of the water baths, the lighter sleeve material floats on top. This separation of bottle and sleeve material allows PET material to be recovered and subsequently recycled.

We currently offer the following material properties:

45 i 50um.

Our PVC / PET shrink sleeve film in application

Shrink Sleeves - Practical Usage Possibilities

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

Information on our PVC films, PVC sleeves and PET sleeves

  • cuts (finished sleeves)
  • rolled goods
  • preformed
  • printable 

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to rapidly produce according to your individual ideas - also custom-made products or larger quantities.

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