Self-adhesive Labels

Our customizable, high-quality adhesive labels not only enable an appealing product presentation and brand recognition at the point of sale, but also serve as important information carriers with which you can attach notes and information about the goods directly to the product.

Adhesive labels are one of the most established packaging solutions and are available in a wide variety of designs (food labels, barcode labels, water-soluble labels, opaque labels, no-label-look labels and many more) and shapes (round, oval, square, rectangular and many more).

Together with you, we will find out which type of label best suits the product requirements, communication goals and application areas of your product. We have a wide range of materials, adhesives and finishing options at our disposal with which we can produce a label tailored to your product. We would be happy to advise you individually at

Our adhesive labels are made from these materials:

  • Paper: matt / glossy
  • Natural and colored papers
  • PE or PP film: glossy, white, silver
  • PE or PP film: transparent
  • Sustainable materials such as stone paper, bio-PE film or rPE material
  • Metallized materials
  • Combination of two materials on one label possible

We offer the following printing techniques for our adhesive labels:

  • Offset printing
  • flexographic printing
  • screen printing
  • Hot foil, cold foil
  • Metal doming
  • Embossing and micro-engraving
  • Perforation
  • Numbering and special die-cutting
  • Laminations, varnishes or glossy prints

For which product groups are our self-adhesive labels used?

  • Tubes & pastes
  • Food & dairy products
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • Beverages
  • Household & care products
  • Cosmetics
  • and much more

The following adhesives are usually used for our adhesive labels:

  • permanent adhesive
  • extra strong adhesive
  • removable
  • partial adhesive application

You care about sustainability? Great, so do we!

There is potential for sustainable solutions, particularly in the area of materials and adhesives used for self-adhesive labels. We would be happy to advise you individually on which sustainable label solution suits your requirements!

We can easily adjust these parameters to make your label more sustainable:

  • Bio-PE film instead of normal PE film: this film is made from 100% sustainable raw materials such as sugar cane ethanol granulate and is available in white and transparent.
  • PP material: This material enables better recycling than other films and increases the proportion of high-quality recycled materials. These labels are also available in white and transparent.
  • rPE material made from recycled PCR: This material consists of 30% recycled waste. It is available from us in white and transparent. Attention: By nature, these films contain more impurities than conventional PE films and therefore cannot be used in every area of application!
  • Stone paper: The material consists of 80% calcium carbonate, which is a waste product from work in quarries, and 20% recycled PE. Labels made from stone paper have a matt, paper-like appearance and water-repellent properties.

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