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This is us!

Teamwork at Angua FoodTec

One thing is always particularly fun when we are presenting our innovative packaging solutions at trade fairs: our teamwork!

Because we are passionate packaging experts, technology tinkerers, quality maximisers, inventors, logistics heroes, industry networkers, genuine consultants and international local patriots with one great passion: the packaging of your product!

And: with a pinch of humour, networking at trade fairs is twice as much fun! We also had our Cologne Packaging Law with us, which was an audience magnet.

And while we were able to present our high-quality packaging machines and sustainable packaging material at the international trade fair Anuga FoodTec from 19 to 22 March 2024 to a large audience, a new team member made himself particularly popular: Cobot palletizer Herby.

Would you like to find out more about our automated warehouse employee? You can find more information and videos about the robot technology HERE

Together we are simply strong! Thanks to the team for a great time at the trade fair!

A reason to celebrate!

Our packaging expert Alexander has been on board at tbs-pack GmbH for exactly 10 years now. As a long-established tbs member, Alex has witnessed many important milestones of our company.
We congratulate him very warmly on this great anniversary!
Thank you for supporting us so diligently every day, Alex!
We are very happy to have you in our team.

Pizza and buzzer, what do they have to do with each other?

With us, a whole lot! Because at tbs-pack, we place great value on appreciating the successes of our team. Whenever a team member has had a special success or achieved a special goal, he/she is allowed to hit our buzzer so that everyone knows about the success and we can celebrate together.

The buzzer activities are then counted and when a certain number of buzzers are reached, we have pizza for lunch for the whole team at regular intervals. What do you think? Could you imagine our buzzer concept at your workplace?

There is something to celebrate!

Our purchasing hero Stephanie has been on board at tbs-pack GmbH for exactly 5 years now. We would like to congratulate her on her anniversary! Thank you for supporting us so diligently every day, Steffi! We are very happy to have you in our team!

It's getting green!

We recently added a raised bed and a herb garden to our company grounds. Not only does it look great and put us in a good mood, it will also provide our team members with delicious herbs for their lunch and for fresh summer smoothies or drinks in the future. 

A big thank you to our strong team for the great idea and the implementation on their own! Brilliantly done!

Dürfen wir vorstellen? Unsere Motivation in Person: Markus!

Unser Head of Sales, Markus, ist nicht nur Experte für Verpackungsmaterialien aller Art. Er ist außerdem leidenschaftlicher Grill-Meister, Team-Motivator, Event-Organisator und als Ausbilder der erste Ansprechpartner für unsere Azubis im Groß- und Außenhandel. Danke, dass Du täglich für uns Vollgas gibst! Wir sind froh, Dich in unserem Team zu haben. 

Lass auch Du Dich von Markus‘ Begeisterung für die Welt der Verpackungen anstecken und vereinbare einen Termin für eine Verpackungsberatung mit ihm unter:

27.04.2023: Today is Boys' & Girls' Day!

On this great day, motivated students are given the opportunity for stereotype-free career orientation and are allowed to get a taste of the professions of their choice. Today we had the dedicated Jonas as a guest in our Home of Packaging, who looked over the shoulder of our Viktoriya with office management and secretarial tasks in the subject area of financial accounting.

Thank you very much, Jonas, for being there and for being so energetic today! 

We are always looking for new motivated talents! If you are interested in an internship or apprenticeship in our Home of Packaging, please have a look at our career page or contact us at!

News from our Feelgood Manager Balou!

You must have missed him already right?!

Balou has been incredibly busy lately: As Petfood CEO, he has taken a close look at the packaging processes on our packaging machines. He has also inspected our stretch wrapping machines, lent a hand in the warehouse and ensured a good atmosphere in the office.

Our Feelgood Manager is quite busy!

Better together: Our marketing team!

Do you already know our marketing duo? 

Rita and Alina are creative minds and real industry networkers. Whether corporate branding, social media or internal marketing - the Marketing-Dream-Team is always super motivated and already has many great and exciting projects in mind that are just waiting to be implemented. So you can already be excited

Do you already know our purchasing heroes?

May we introduce? Our hardworking purchasing heroes! 

The three of them are REAL purchasing professionals and are always on the lookout for affordable and sustainable solutions to make the packaging industry more environmentally friendly! 

Thank you for your great work! We are very happy to have you in our team!

Review of our Family Summer Party 2022

On 08/13/2022 we had our summer party this year! 

With great weather, delicious food, refreshing drinks and fun activities, we spent a wonderful day together as a team. Thanks to the bouncy castle, bubble machine and lawn sprinklers, our company grounds also became a big playground for all the kids who attended.

All in all, our party was a great experience for big and small and we thank all team members for this special day!

Do you already know Manuela, our Chief Happiness Officer?

"Wonderful good afternoon, this is Manuela! How may I help you?" - That's exactly how it sounds every day when our Chief Happiness Officer Manuela greets our customers on the phone. In addition to her work in Customer Care, where she always makes sure our customers are in a good mood and happy, our sunshine Manu also works in Active Sales and provides the whole team with tea, pudding or other treats on the side - and she's been doing all this for over 12 years now! 

Our office dog Balou also loves Manuela's lunch break walks and creative treats. 

We are so happy to have Manuela on our team! Thank you for your great work!

A truly strong team!

CEO Thomas Stumpp and Quality and Feel Good Manager Balou are a strong and well-coordinated team! Together, the two are currently preparing everything for Interzoo 2022 in Nuremberg - and Balou in particular attaches great importance to the highest quality and checks and sniffs our packaging samples with the utmost care, so that all Petfood articles remain fresh and crisp for a long time in their packaging. Why we are REALLY Petfood experts? Because we have a meticulous quality manager on four paws! 

A look back with our former trainee Pascal

>>> What did you tell your parents about your first day of training after work?

Pascal: "The first thing I told my parents was that I was very warmly welcomed and directly involved in the daily work routine. So there was no boredom."

>>> What three things would you not necessarily have expected like this?

Pascal: "A really young team, optimal cohesion, table football and basketball hoop."

>>> What did you like best about your training?

Pascal: "I was an integral part of the team from day one.  No matter whether I had questions, requests or problems - everyone always had an open ear for me!  Those are two of the reasons why I stayed on after my training."

>>> What do you take away from your training?

Pascal: "That the training path to become a wholesale and export merchant is really varied. I was able to get a taste of many different areas and was directly integrated into all work processes. So I really learned a lot by doing!"

>>> Your tip for a prospective trainee?

Pascal: "Don't be afraid of new things! It's quite normal not to be able to do everything perfectly at the beginning! That all comes with time. And it's very important to simply ask if anything is unclear. Because if you don't ask, you stay stupid." 

Do you already know Balou, our Feel-Good-Manager with cuddle factor?

Our most tousled colleague in the office with the "bow-wow"-effect: This is our Feel-Good-Manager Balou. 

Our employees' dogs are always welcome in the office! Numerous studies have shown that the mere presence of dogs leads to a reduction in stress. Balou always manages to put a smile on our faces, even on stressful days. And of course our co-worker is rewarded for this with lots of treats and extensive cuddles.