Paper & Trays

Why packaging papers & trays?

With our sustainable Castelli® barrier papers and trays we do something good for the environment, because they can be disposed of and recycled via the paper cycle! In the manufacturing process, we replace the conventional plastics of the barrier films with sustainable and recyclable alternatives - but the barrier properties of the films are still retained without restriction! In doing so, we rely on materials made from renewable raw materials to make the world a little bit better.

Our paper and barrier paper packaging have another decisive advantage: Compared to other packaging alternatives, they have a lower transport weight and also take up less space on the supermarket shelf.

What products do we offer?

We currently offer various products made of sustainable papers and barrier papers, such as Doypack stand-up pouches or sealed edge pouches. However, we are also happy to advise you specifically on how we can best present your product in a sustainable manner.