Stand-up pouches / Doypack-bags

Our stand-up pouches, also known as Doypacks, are versatile in many sectors. Doypacks have become indispensable especially in the food industry, in the pet food sector and in the cosmetic industry.

Due to their particularly high light-and aroma protection, our Doypacks can be used well with food, pastes, liquids, powders (e.g. tea, spices).

Thanks to their absolute impermeability, your products are optimally protected against air, moisture and UV radiation.

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Mono-material: recyclable and sustainable 

Mono-material packaging are packaging solutions that are made exclusively from a single material. This material can be paper, plastic or aluminium, for example. The purpose of mono-material packaging is to improve recyclability and reduce resource consumption as it is easier to recycle than composite materials.

This packaging offers several benefits:

  1. Recyclability: As they consist of only one material, they can be more easily integrated into the recycling process without the need for time-consuming separation.
  2. Environmental compatibility: By using a single material, you can reduce the ecological footprint of your packaging and minimise the environmental impact.
  3. Profitability: Mono-material packaging can often be more cost-effective than composite materials as they require less complex manufacturing and recycling processes.
  4. Design flexibility: Despite the use of a single material, mono-material packaging offers a variety of design options to meet the requirements of different products.

Various products can be securely packaged in mono-material packaging, including:

  1. Food: Dry goods such as cereals, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, spices and fresh products such as fruit and vegetables.
  2. Sweets and snacks: Chocolate, biscuits, crisps and other snacks can be packaged in mono-material packaging.
  3. Cosmetic products: Products such as soaps, shampoos, lotions and creams can be safely packaged in mono-material packaging.
  4. Household products: Cleaning agents, detergents, washing-up liquid and similar products can be packaged in mono-material packaging.
  5. Pharmaceutical products: Medications, tablets, pills and other pharmaceutical products can be packaged in mono-material packaging.
  6. Electronics: Small electronic devices and accessories can be packed in mono-material packaging to protect them during transport. 

Our certified Mono-material


OTR: ≦ 1 cc/m²

WVTR: ≦ 1 g/m²

Strength of the connection:
PP/HB-PP: ≧ 2 N/15mm
HB-PP/PP: ≧ 2 N/15mm

Sealing strength: ≧ 40 N/15mm

Mono-material packaging is becoming increasingly important in the packaging industry as it represents a more sustainable alternative to conventional composite packaging and fulfils growing consumer demands for environmental friendliness. In view of the changes to the EU Packaging Act, mono-material will soon also be an unavoidable obligation.

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Our stand-up pouches at a glance:


  • food-safe and aroma-safe
  • scentless and tasteless (Declaration of Conformity on request)
  • weldable
  • with pressure cap for as many re-closings as desired
  • on request: already printed

Optional Production Possibilities

  • gravure and flexographic printing in up to 10 colors
  • stand-up Doypacks
  • with side gusset 
  • with spout
  • different film and material composite 
  • spout bags
  • retort pouches
  • different closure systems such as zipper and slide mating engagement 
  • with aroma protection valve
  • with Euro-standard holes
  • with carrying handle 

Filling of Stand-Up Pouches with coffee

Filling of Stand-Up Pouches with plant seeds

Filling of Stand-Up Pouches with buttercream

Filling of Stand-Up Pouches with Soap

Information about our Doypack bags

What is a stand-up pouch?

As the name suggests, the stand-up pouch is a package that can stand on its own. It is also called a doypack bag. The stand-up pouch can be printed individually and thus provides a great presentation of your goods on the sales shelf. There are no limits to your design ideas. A transparent solution is also possible to enable potential customers to take a look at the goods. In this way, food in particular can be optimally presented.

As a manufacturer of stand-up pouches, we can respond to your individual wishes. We offer different closure systems such as zipper or pressure closure. We produce your bags with different perforations, aroma protection valve or with carrying handles - completely according to your individual requirements.

Standing pouches in kraft paper look are also particularly popular. The material has a good haptic and a great appearance. These bags can also be printed in a variety of ways.

What can the stand-up pouch be used for? 

Since the Doypack bags are food-safe and aroma-proof as well as odourless and tasteless, they can be used in many different ways. For example, coffee powder or coffee beans can be packed airtight. This type of packaging keeps coffee fresh for longer periods of time. If you add a zipper to your stand-up pouches, the packaging can be resealed as often as you like. This is particularly suitable for sweets or other snacks, which should remain fresh even after the first opening and therefore do not have to be eaten directly. As you can see in our video, Doypacks are also suitable for other product groups such as cosmetics and toiletries.

With us you not only get the best service when it comes to bags and product packaging, you also get the corresponding packaging machines - everything from one source, without intermediate trade!

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to produce according to your individual ideas.

In case you wish a greater purchase quantity or a special production, we will be gladly calculating an individual offer for you.

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