Stand-up pouches / Doypack-bags

Our stand-up pouches, also known as Doypacks, are versatile in many sectors. Doypacks have become indispensable especially in the food industry, in the pet food sector and in the cosmetic industry.

Due to their particularly high light-and aroma protection, our Doypacks can be used well with food, pastes, liquids, powders (e.g. tea, spices).

Thanks to their absolute impermeability, your products are optimally protected against air, moisture and UV radiation.

Our stand-up pouches at a glance:


  • food-safe and aroma-safe
  • scentless and tasteless (Declaration of Conformity on request)
  • weldable
  • with pressure cap for as many re-closings as desired
  • on request: already printed

Potential Bag Widths:

Doypack stand-up pouche: 90 mm - 600 mm 

Potential Bag Thicknesses: 

30 my - 150 my

Filling of stand-up pouches for frozen products

(Nero-Pack Bag filling and capping machine DPM-1BT)

Filling stand-up pouches for plant seeds

(Nero-Pack Bag filling and capping machine DPM-8BT)

Facultative Production Possibilities

  • gravure and flexographic printing in up to 10 colors
  • stand-up Doypacks
  • with side gusset 
  • with spout
  • different film and material composite 
  • spout bags
  • retort pouches
  • different closure systems such as zipper and slide mating engagement 
  • with aroma protection valve
  • with Euro-standard holes
  • with carrying handle 

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to produce according to your individual ideas.

In case you wish a greater purchase quantity or a special production, we will be gladly calculating an individual offer for you.

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