Over Wrapping Machines

Guaranteeing a high-quality presentation of your product, the KM-line by tbs-pack is the ideal solution for permanent and automatic packaging processes. The sensor-controlled packaging line can be equipped automatically. The over wrapping machine pulls a film piece from a roll and folds it over the product, which can be packed individually or as a bundle. Afterwards, the film that has been folded around the product is sealed by a heat sealing machine. The KM packaging machine ensures a sealed packaging which can be easily opened thanks to its tear strip. Using our over wrapping machine allows to pack different product sizes. The switching to other sizes guarantees an efficient and flexible work.

Technical Details

  • automatic wrapping process
  • speed: 20-50 products/min (depending on the model)
  • simple adjustment to different sizes 
  • individual packaging or bundling possible
  • application: CDs / DVDs, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, cigarettes etc.  

The packaging process in 8 steps:

  1. The product enters the over wrapping machine and then runs against the film curtain. 
  2. The product is conveyed forwards and the film is getting wrapped around the product.
  3. The top flap of the film is folded down first. 
  4. Subsequently, the lower flap is folded and sealed. 
  5. The front side is folded laterally.
  6. The backs are folded by the rear folding blocks.
  7. The tops are folded first.
  8. Afterwards, the bottoms are folded up and sealed. Then, the packaged product leaves the wrapping machine via the outfeed conveyor.

KM-360: Product Video - Wrapping of boxes

KM-99: Product Video - Wrapping of chocolate packages

Different Models:

  • KM-99
    Usable films:
    OPP-film (oriented polypropylene)
    Supply voltage:1-phase, 230V, 50-60Hz
    Machine size (L x W x H):
    1175mm x 750mm x 1580mm
    Transport dimensions (L x W x H):1500mm x 950mm x 1800mm
    Machine weight (net):
    approx. 310kg
  • KM-360
    Usable films:
    OPP-film (oriented polypropylene)
    Supply voltage:1-phase, 200-220V, 50-60Hz
    Machine size (L x W x H):
    2599mm x 822mm x 1613mm
    Product dimensions (L x W x H):80 - 220mm x 40 - 150mm x 40 - 100mm*
    Machine weight (net):
    approx. 310kg

The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling

Additional Options

  • infeed conveyor (1,50 m) with pusher (also 90° possible)
  • unwinding device for the pull strip 
  • collector plate 
  • optical sensor unit for printed OPP films 
  • infeed conveyor belt with connection to the wrapping machine
  • security grid