Cartons: Skin & Blister Machines
Compact and flexible

The skin machines by tbs-pack are compactly and flexibly applicable (semi- or all-automatic). Our machines assist you to firmly connect your product with a skin carton in order to present it in a high quality and eco-friendly skin packaging. The skin wrapping machines heat the skin film by using a radiant heating plate until the film becomes thermoplastically malleable. Due to the vacuum effect, your product adheres and nestles in a skin-tight way to the cardboard. In doing so, the product shapes are perfectly traced. After the skin process, your product is effectively protected against dust and moisture.

Technical Details:

  • manual product placing 
  • automatic film heating 
  • frame automatically moves out of the heating/packing position
  • automatic vacuum switch on/ off 
  • automatic film cut
  • programmable heating periods / vacuum usage

Nero-Pack Semi-Automatic Skin Machine

Different Models:

  • SKM-5070 (automatic)
    Model:SKM-5070 (automatic)
    Packing speed:approximately 2 pieces / minute**
    Maximum case width:495 mm*
    Maximum case length:695 mm*
    Maximum case height:150 mm*
    Film width:540 mm
    Supply voltage:400 V - 3 phases
    Power supply:8,0 kW
    Machine weight (approx.):280 kg
    Compressed air:6 bar
    Machine dimensions:2.450 x 1.450 x 1.700 mm (L x W x H)
  • SKM-5030 (halbautomatisch)
    Model:SKM-5030 (semi-automatic)
    Packing Speed:approximately 2 pieces / minute**
    Maximum case width:495 mm*
    Maximum case length:345 mm*
    Maximum case height:100 mm*
    Film width:540 mm
    Supply voltage:230 V - 1 phase
    Power supply:3,5 kW
    Machine weight (approx.):150 kg
    Compressed air: not necessary
    Machine dimensions:1.860 x 1.000 x 1.400 mm (L x W x H)

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling

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