Cartons: Skin & Blister Machines
Compact and flexible

What is a blister/skin machine?

The skin machines from tbs-pack are very compact and flexible (semi or fully automatic). The blister and skin machines help you to firmly connect your product with a skin carton and thus present it in a high-quality and environmentally friendly skin packaging. Through the skin process your product is effectively protected against dust and moisture.

How does the machine work?

To use a skin machine, you need a special skin film and a skin carton. There are different variants of cartons: coated, uncoated and optionally individually printed. The skin packaging machines heat the skin film by a radiant heating plate until it becomes thermoplastically moldable. Once the correct temperature is reached, the film clamping frame is lowered onto the goods in the carton. The vacuum effect causes your product to adhere to the cardboard box and nestle skin-tight against it, perfectly tracing the contours of your product. 

What are the benefits?

By using skin packaging, the goods are ideally presented and the customer can already get an idea of the goods at the point of sale and check for completeness. This prevents expensive complaints. In addition, products of different heights can be packed next to each other without touching. The products are optimally protected from external influences and scratches. Skin packaging is also extremely advantageous from a marketing perspective, as the skin carton can be printed with the company's own logo or an information text in a promotionally effective manner.

Which products can be packaged? 

A skin machine can be used to package a wide variety of products: e.g. spare parts, tools, knives or presentation products such as pens, glue, keys, locks, etc.

Technical Details

  • Product placement is done manually 
  • Foil heating is done automatically
  • frame moves from heating/packaging position automatically
  • vacuum is switched on / off automatically
  • automatic foil cutting
  • programmable heating times / vacuum use

Who needs a skin machine? 

  • Manufacturers who want to present their products attractively at the point of sale (e.g. with individual printing).
  • Manufacturers who want their customers to see at a glance what is inside the packaging
  • Manufacturers who want to minimize the number of returns and optimize their processes
  • Manufacturers who want to position themselves advantageously and stand out from the competition

Nero-Pack Semi-Automatic Skin Machine

Different Models:

  • SKM-5070 (automatic)
    Model:SKM-5070 (automatic)
    Packing speed:approximately 2 pieces / minute**
    Maximum case width:495 mm*
    Maximum case length:695 mm*
    Maximum case height:150 mm*
    Film width:540 mm
    Supply voltage:400 V - 3 phases
    Power supply:8,0 kW
    Machine weight (approx.):280 kg
    Compressed air:6 bar
    Machine dimensions:2.450 x 1.450 x 1.700 mm (L x W x H)
  • SKM-5035 (halbautomatisch)
    Model:SKM-5030 (semi-automatic)
    Packing Speed:approximately 2 pieces / minute**
    Maximum case width:495 mm*
    Maximum case length:345 mm*
    Maximum case height:100 mm*
    Film width:540 mm
    Supply voltage:230 V - 1 phase
    Power supply:3,5 kW
    Machine weight (approx.):150 kg
    Compressed air: not necessary
    Machine dimensions:1.860 x 1.000 x 1.400 mm (L x W x H)

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling

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