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What you should know about the new EU Packaging Law (PPWR)

We are making great strides towards switching to recyclable packaging material. We are talking about the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

What is the PPWR? Officially known as “Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste”, this law aims to minimize the environmental impact of packaging and increase recycling rates. 

What is the current status of the EU Packaging Regulation?

At the end of April 2024, the EU Parliament adopted the current version of the EU Packaging Regulation by a large majority. The vote in the Council of the European Union is then expected to take place in the fall, after the European elections. According to estimates by interseroh+, it will probably be another 18 months before it is published and becomes effective.

The current version is particularly concerned with the fact that the recyclability of all packaging will be mandatory from 2030. Quotas for the use of recyclates in plastic packaging are also set for 2030 and 2040. Another important aspect is the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) obligations, which oblige manufacturers and distributors of packaging to contribute to the costs of disposal and recycling.

Who does the EU Packaging Regulation apply to?

The EU packaging regulation (PPRW) applies to all member states of the European Union. It regulates the packaging and labeling of products as well as the responsibility of manufacturers and retailers for the disposal and recycling of packaging materials.

Depending on the role of an economic operator - manufacturer, supplier, importer, distributor, etc. - Depending on the role of an economic operator - manufacturer, supplier, importer, distributor, etc. - different obligations must be met as a result of the planned regulation. It does not matter which sector you work in, although some sectors are likely to see significantly more changes than others. 

The challenge for packaging manufacturers is to switch to more environmentally friendly materials and designs in order to meet the requirements of the new regulation. This has long been a matter of course for us. We have been offering sustainable packaging solutions that guarantee the functionality and safety of the packaged products for years. We monitor developments in the market and are constantly adding new sustainable packaging options to our range.

For example, are you already familiar with our stand-up pouches as a mono material? These are suitable for various products (e.g. pet food, cosmetic products or food) and are 100% recyclable. You can find out more about them here: go to Mono Material.  

Our PCR films are also a sustainable packaging solution for a wide range of applications (logistics packaging, protective packaging or sales packaging). PCR stands for post-consumer recycled. This means that PCR films are made from the recycled plastic of discarded materials. By reusing plastic that has already been used, PCR plastics and films are not only more cost-effective, but also reduce waste. In addition, we need less water, energy and fossil fuels to process the used plastic. You can find out more about this here: got to PCR-Recycled films

PPWR - This is important to know

We have summarized some important points for you that you should know:

  1. Goals: The regulation aims to reduce the amount of packaging waste, promote the reuse and recycling of packaging materials and ensure that packaging is designed to be more environmentally friendly.
  2. Definition of packaging: The regulation defines packaging as all products made of any type of material used to contain, protect, handle, deliver and present goods.
  3. Producer responsibility: The ordinance places responsibility for the correct disposal of packaging waste with the producers or importers of packaging. They must adhere to recycling and reuse targets.
  4. Minimum recycling rates: The regulation sets minimum recycling rates for different materials, such as paper, glass, plastic and metal.
  5. Mandatory labeling: Manufacturers must label their packaging to facilitate recycling. This can be done by using symbols to indicate whether the material is recyclable and by providing information on correct disposal.
  6. Verbot gefährlicher Stoffe: Die Verordnung verbietet die Verwendung bestimmter gefährlicher Stoffe in Verpackungen, um die Umwelt- und Gesundheitsrisiken zu minimieren.
  7. Prohibition of hazardous substances: The regulation prohibits the use of certain hazardous substances in packaging in order to minimize environmental and health risks.
  8. Reporting obligation: Member States must submit regular reports on their progress in implementing the regulation.

Penalties for non-compliance: Penalties may be imposed on manufacturers who fail to comply with the provisions of the regulation. It is important that companies using packaging fully understand and comply with the provisions of the EU Packaging Regulation in order to meet environmental standards and avoid penalties.

Of course, we will advise you on this when selecting our packaging materials for your product. 

What do you have to bear in mind with the EU Packaging Regulation?

The Packaging Act, for example, regulates recyclability. Here is a brief insight:

  • Packaging must be produced in such a way that the presence of harmful substances is reduced to a minimum. 
  • From 2030: all packaging must be recyclable. 
  • Recyclability is to be defined in 3 classes (packaging that is less than 70% recyclable is not considered recyclable). 
  • From 2038, only class A-B packaging to be placed on the market. 
  • Packaging should be considered as a whole. Only components that have to be separated will be considered separately.

Are there exceptions to recyclability in the Packaging Act?

Yes, there should be exemptions, for example for primary packaging and touch-sensitive packaging for medical devices, infant formula and in-vitro diagnostics. Other provisions also apply to packaging for the transportation of dangerous goods and to sales packaging made of light wood, cork, textiles, rubber, ceramics, porcelain or wax.

The PPWR Commission also examines the state of technological development and the environmental compatibility of bio-based plastic packaging. 

What are the PPWR regulations for labeling packaging?

The Packaging Act stipulates that:

  • packaging must be provided with a label (based on pictograms and easy to understand) with information on the material composition to make sorting easier for consumers (exception: transport packaging or packaging that is part of a deposit and return system and not e-commerce packaging).
  • reusable packaging must be labeled as such; additional information on reusability must be provided via a QR code or other digital data carrier.
  • further requirements and specifications must be complied with: e.g. on the indication of the recyclate content, the type and design of labels, deposit packaging, misleading or confusing labels, exemptions, transitional periods, etc. 
  • the Commission will define harmonized labels and specifications for the labelling requirements and methodology for identifying the material composition of packaging.

What are the aims of the Packaging Ordinance on the reusability of packaging material?

The plan is to complete the project by 2030:

  • at least 40% reuse for transport packaging (incl. e-commerce): Pallets, plastic crates, collapsible plastic crates, tubs and drums for product transportation [...] incl. shrink wrap and strapping.
  • 100% reuse for transport packaging or sales packaging for the delivery of products to another economic operator within the same Member State & within the EU.
  • 10% collective packaging in the form of cartons, excluding cardboard, outside of sales packaging, in order to combine a certain number of products into a storage or distribution unit (pooling possible; take-back obligation from 100m²).

What regulations should there be for producers in the PPWR?

Producers must be entered in a corresponding register by submitting an application in each Member State in which they place packaging on the market. The Packaging Act stipulates that producers may not place packaging on the market in a Member State if they are not registered in that Member State. 

Comprehensive information on the EU Packaging Regulation

We have summarized this information for you from an interseroh+ webinar and the packaging journal (as of April 24, 2024). Would you like more detailed information? Click here for the free webinar in German: Facts & questions about the EU Packaging Regulation

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We recently hosted a plant tour for the VHS, where all interested participants were able to gain an insight into the world of packaging and everyday working life in our company. The plant tour started in our office building and continued in our gym and our machine showroom, finally ending in our in-house warehouse.

We had a great afternoon with many thought-provoking questions and fun moments.

Would you also like to get to know our machines, materials and our company headquarters in Erftstadt better? Then contact us for an appointment in our showroom at

We were awarded!

We start the new year with really good news! Our company has been awarded by the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a training company with the best certificate for outstanding performance in vocational training. We are very happy about this award, because the promotion of our young apprentice talents is very important to us!

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There is great news! We have recently started a new cooperation with Global Pets Industry. Feel free to check out our profile on the Global Pets website:

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The construction of our new building in time lapse

Impressions from the FachPack exhibition 2019

The FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg was a complete success for our company tbs-pack. At our approx. 120m² exhibition stand we presented our machine and film innovations to numerous interested visitors and customers.

We would like to thank all our curious and interested visitors for the nice conversations and inspirations and hope to welcome you again at our stand at the next trade fair.

Greetings from Paris!

Between November 26 and 29  2018,  Paris was the centre for packaging, processing, printing and handling. We from tbs-pack were also on site at the All4Pack together with alpha-pack group. At this exhibition, the numerous visitors at our stand had the opportunity to get an overview of our wide range of machines. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our interested and curious visitors and hope to see you all again at the upcoming exhibitions!

tbs-pack introduced its innovative machine series at the FachPack 2018

The FachPack 2018 proved to be a very successful and impressive event for our company. By means of live demonstrations, we had the opportunity to give our numerous and interested visitors an overview of our wide range of machines. 

On this occasion we would like to thank our interested visitors, all of whom we hope to welcome again at our stand at the next exhibitions. 

FachPack 2018: Impressions of our exhibition stand

tbs-pack's expansion was launched with a groundbreaking in Erftstadt at the 18 September 2018

Expert for packagings - Office buildings with warehouse and technical centre

Erftstadt, 18 September 2018:

The tbs-pack GmbH from Cologne is expanding: Together with the Althoff Industrie- und Verwaltungsbau GmbH from Meschede, the Europe-wide specialist for film packaging tbs-pack will construct an office building with technical centre and warehouse in the WirtschaftsPark Erftstadt by mid-2019.

"With many years of experience in the film sector, we produce our own brand Castelli-Film® (high-quality packaging and shrink films) at our worldwide production sites; completed by our second private brand Nero-Pack® packaging machines (end-of-line & logistics packaging), which are designed and produced in our group of companies. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the complete process chain from one single source; from the packaging machine to the appropriate consumables," explains Thomas Stumpp, one of the two managing directors of tbs-pack GmbH.

The ground-breaking ceremony with Mayor Volker Erner, business developer Ole Leger and other guests took place on Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Benedikt Schröder, Managing Director of tbs-pack, considers the cooperation with the city administration and the economic development agency Erftstadt to be extremely positive. The new business location in the WirtschaftsPark Erftstadt with its direct connection to the federal highway 265 and the motorways A 1 and A 61 be ideal. Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine, can be reached in just 20 minutes and the Cologne/Bonn Airport in 25 minutes. 3,500 square metres of space will be used for a 2-storey office building and a warehouse with technical centre. In the future, customers will be given the unique opportunity to test their products on site and have the packaging machines individually designed. "The exchange of experience with our customers is of great importance to us," explains Benedikt Schröder. Thus, the technical centre offers space for the development of individual packaging solutions.

The new building and warehouse were designed according to the latest standards. A photovoltaic system and an air heat pump are installed to provide energy. The individual offices are open with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls. An additional co-working zone offers the team maximum flexibility on the one hand and an inspiring environment for the development of creative and innovative ideas on the other. The ground floor and 1st floor are connected by a single steel staircase with integrated lights.

Another special feature of this construction work is the gym for the employees, which will be located in a separate part of the big hall. " Health promotion at the workplace is a worthwhile investment for the employees. At the same time it strengthens the corporate culture and the team spirit", is how Benedikt Schröder explains this decision.

The company has already hired new employees for the location in the WirtschaftsPark from the surrounding area. In this context, the job exchange on the WirtschaftsPark website also helped. Mayor Volker Erner is not only pleased about the new jobs, but also about the new location of the owner-managed company. The demand for commercial space has been booming for quite a while now. Erner sees one reason for this in the fact that hardly any large areas are still available in big cities and if they are, then at horrendous prices: "It is therefore important for us to pave the way for the up-coming years. In addition to new residential areas, we also need new commercial areas, which must be already built today."

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Tbs-pack at the IPACK-IMA Exhibition:Impressions

IPACK-IMA: Tbs-pack took part!

The IPack-IMA 2018 was a great experience for our company. Thanks to live demonstrations, we were able to give our many curious visitors an insight into the world of our packaging machines.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all visitors and hope to see you again at the next trade fairs!

tbs-pack at the Interzoo 2018

The Interzoo 2018 was a great success for us! At the exhibition we proudly presented our latest innovative packaging machines to our numerous interested visitors by means of live demonstration. 

We would like to thank all visitors who found the way to our trade fair stand and look forward to welcoming you again at the next upcoming exhibitions. 

Tbs-pack participating the 8th Trainee-Speed-Dating at the RheinEnergie stadium in Cologne

June 13th 2017: The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) organised the Trainee-Speed-Dating for the eighth time in a row. We also participated for the very first time!

According to the slogan #ichwerdewas, more than 1600 young people showed up in order to convince the participating companies during the ten-minute job interview.

For tbs-pack, this event turned out to be a great experience. We had the chance to meet dozens of applicants and we also managed to successfully fill our last vacancy for a training place in our company.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all applicants and we wish all new trainees a successful start into the new training year 2017/2018.

Alpha-Group successfully completes project to automatically fill gummy vitamins into plastic containers