Flow-Pack & Pillow Bag Machines

Our Nero pillow bag machines, also known as flow-packing machines, are a fast and all-automatic solution for the packing of different products in polypropylene, polyolefin, cellophane and laminating films. The closing of the film happens longitudinally and transversely by extremely stable sealing seams. During this process, the film is merged from below and above. The automatic pillow bag machine processes transparent and printed films and is individually adapted to the product. The product is fed manually or automatically via a transport chain. Our pillow bag machine facilitates the processing of heat-sealable films such as PP, CPP, OPP, laminate and aluminium films in a variety of bag designs. 

Application example: Medical and pharmaceutical industry, fruits and vegetables, technical products, pastries and frozen food - also applicable in sheltered workshops or for contract packagers.