Polyolefin Fine Shrink Film

What is POF film?

Polyolefin fine shrink films are among the most popular materials in film packaging. Unlike PE films, POF shrink films shrink without wrinkles and wrap around the product like a second skin.

POF film is an extremely durable, versatile and high quality shrink film. It has taken the place of PVC in many applications and is made of FDA-approved, food-grade material.

Our Castelli-Film Coex film POF (Polyolefin Fine Shrink Film) is 5-layer multi-crosslinked and was developed as an innovative product to improve technical properties and to have such high tear strength that ideal packaging results are possible even with lower thickness. Our polyolefin fine shrink film therefore provides huge cost savings, has less impact on the environment, and serves as a universal shrink wrap for high demands.

Polyolefin films (also called shrink films or fine shrink films) are characterized by their crystal clear appearance, high gloss and high puncture resistance. They are therefore particularly suitable for the area of product and merchandise presentation (boxes of chocolates, smartphones or books), but also for product protection.

What are the advantages of our POF fine shrink film?

  • It is highly transparent, has very good welding properties and high shrinkage force.
  • Due to multilayer crosslinking technology with the use of high quality polymers, our film has increased strength and puncture resistance at lower thickness. The main advantage of our thin film is the cost: thinner film thicknesses have better sealing time and shrink faster.
  • Our POF film can be used on almost all film sealing machines and shrink tunnels.
  • Our film has excellent puncture resistance and sealing strength: even irregularly shaped products are ideally protected. This versatility and the relatively low cost that POF offers for various machines and packaging shapes make it a popular protective packaging for products of all sizes!
  • Our POF film provides a glossy and appealing shelf appearance; ideal for consumer products where product presentation is critical (toys, games, candy, books, food, most retail items).
  • Our film provides excellent shrink results and strong seal seams even at low shrink temperatures, therefore providing energy savings in the packaging process.
  • Our film is excellent for bundling multiple items, such as double-packs
  • Castelli POF cross-linked fine shrink film is ideal for high-speed applications as it provides additional strength without compromising film clarity. It also prevents deposits on the sealing components.
  • Our in-house film manufacturing makes us very flexible and allows us to supply our polyolefin fine shrink film even with short lead times in case of shortages.

All the facts at a glance:

  • Our polyolefin film is available in various thicknesses, widths, qualities, printed and unprinted in up to 10-color rotogravure printing, as well as customized to your requirements.
  • Optionally available as pre-perforated POF film. Pre-perforated POF allows for a uniform shrink area without air pockets and therefore prevents condensation from forming in the packaging.
  • As a plastic, POF is food-safe and fully recyclable, which means it can be recycled almost endlessly. This also makes our films a real all-rounder in terms of environmental compatibility.

Our polyolefin fine shrink film in use


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