Fine Shrink Film Castelli Type FH (High Quality)
The high-performance film for high cyclic outputs and low shrink temperatures

Due to its harmlessness to food, our Castelli fine shrink film type FY is the universal packaging solution for high demands.

Our fine shrink films are produced as 5-layer coex shrink films. Based on its 5-layer crosslinking, lower film thicknesses can be used for your product. The Castelli fine shrink film type FH can be processed on all common film sealing and shrinking machines. It is extremely thin, highly transparent, recyclable and therefore eco-friendly.

Our FH fine shrink film is ideal for the production of high quantities. It serves as a second skin for your product even at low temperatures and protects the product against damage and external influences through its high tear resistance. It is therefore also suitable for the packaging of sharp-edged products. The film can be ordered pre-perforated and hot-needled pre-edited. Due to its good sliding properties, the Castelli FH High Premium film is the ideal film type for all-automatic film sealing machines with inline product feed or for products that can only be treated with a low heat input. 

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Castelli Type FH / High cyclic output - Excellent shrink results

Fine shrink film - features :

  • co-extruded 5-layer cured
  • available as center folded film, flat film or tubular film 
  • usable with all types of shrinking machines
  • excellent welding and shrinkage properties 
  • hot-needled/ perforated at the desired intervals

Fine shrink film type FH - advantages :

  • very smooth packaging 
  • high level of transparency
  • high strength of the detachable seam and a high total film strength
  • universal packaging solution 
  • 5-layer cured
  • high-performance machine running properties
  • ideally adapts to complex and round product shapes 
  • high sliding properties, minor glueing together of the blades

Fine shrink film type FH - potential film widths:

Flat film: 100mm - 3.000mm

Center folded film: 100mm - 1.200mm

Tubular film: 100mm - 1.200mm

Fine shrink film type FH - potential film thicknesses:

POF fine shrink film : 13µ, 15µ, 19µ,

Castelli FH - Practical Usage Possibilities

The high-performance fine shrink film type FH provides the best shrinking results with a wide range of products (Food, books, catalogues, DVDs, CDs, office supplies, etc.). The film is particularly interesting for goods from the food sector requiring oxygen exchange.

  • Book packaging, catalogues
  • Cardboard packaging, mailings 
  • Food
  • CDs, DVDs, brochures
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Small parts, bundlings etc.

Information on Castelli polyolefin fine shrink films:

  • Also available as low shrinking polyolefin fine shrink film (type FY)
  • Available as PVC Sleeves
  • Available as PE shrink film 
  • Available as PVC shrink film 
  • Deliverable in individual sizes and thicknesses
  • Available as polyolefin shrink sleeve
  • Available as printed polyolefin fine shrink film in up to 8 colours

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