Recyclable Films

Producing high-quality films from recycled plastics - is that possible?

You bet it is! Cleaning, shredding and melting plastic waste - also called mechanical recycling - produces a new granulate: the recyclate. To obtain a homogeneous recyclate, it is important to recycle only plastic waste of the same type.

Recently, there is also a new, but more complex recycling solution: chemical recycling. In this process, plastic waste of all kinds is transformed into a crude oil-like state without prior pre-sorting.

What exactly is a recyclate?

Recyclates are created from recycled plastic that can be reintroduced into the product cycle. The recyclate is first melted down as granules and can then be processed into new plastic products. Post-industrial recyclates in particular - i.e. industrial waste - can be processed very well into packaging films of all kinds thanks to their high-quality standards, while post-consumer recyclates (recycled waste from private households) can initially only be used to a small extent for the production of shrink and fine shrink films.

Can recycled films be recycled again?

Yes, unlike other materials such as paper, plastics can be reprocessed again and again without losing quality. This product cycle makes the use of recyclable films a long-term, sustainable and future-proof packaging alternative. Our packaging experts are happy to introduce you to our products in more detail and to find your individual sustainable packaging solution with you!