PVC Fine Shrink Film

Fine shrink PVC film is often used as a packaging material, as it combines many advantages. It serves as a reliable product packaging and guarantees protection against dirt, dust and shocks for your product. The PVC film from tbs-pack can be used in almost any packaging line and is applied to your product by means of hood shrink machines or shrink tunnels, for example. It adapts to the shape of the goods to be packaged, as it contracts and "shrinks" under the influence of heat. Our PVC fine shrink film shrinks even at low temperatures (from 95°C) without wrinkling. Due to its excellent packaging properties and exceptional material stability, even sharp-edged products can be packaged without the film tearing.

In PVC shrink films, a distinction is generally made between biaxial and monoaxial shrink films. Biaxial means that the film can be shrunk horizontally and vertically while maintaining quality and stability. Monoaxial means films that can only shrink in one direction.

Since the PVC fine shrink film is particularly resistant to heat, ageing and weather influences, your products are ideally protected. It has a low own weight, is waterproof and inflammable - an attractive packaging solution for your product, which can be printed individually if required. 

The fact sheet for our PVC fine shrink film is available on request

PVC fine shrink film at a glance:


  • material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC film)
  • shiny, highly transparent
  • optimal and wrinkle-free shrink result
  • harmless to food
  • usable with almost all semi- and all-automatic machines 

Potential film widths:

Center folded film: 150 mm - 800 mm

Flat film: 100 mm - 1.800 mm

Potential film thicknesses:

PVC fine shrink film: 11µ - 40µ

PVC Fine Shrink Film - Practical Usage Possibilities

  • Candles
  • Baked goods
  • Books
  • Folders
  • Displays

Information about PVC fine shrink films

  • alternatively available as polyolefin flat film/center folded film 
  • alternatively available as PE shrink film 
  • available as PVC Sleeves
  • available in individual sizes and thicknesses 
  • available with perforation on request
  • printable with your personal logo

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to rapidly produce according to your individual ideas - also custom-made products or larger quantities.

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