Social Commitment & Funding

Deaf5 - children's theater in sign and spoken language

We are supporting the theater ensemble DEAF5 where professional and amateur actors stage plays together. The actors are deaf or hearing impaired but some are also able to hear properly. The theater ensemble stages bilingual children's plays in sign and spoken language and also conducts workshops. An amazing logo and an own website were designed due to tbs-pack and other sponsors.

Donations instead of Gifts

Assuming social responsibility is self-evident for our company. As a result we inter alia support the Unicef-Project "Donations instead of Gifts".

"By donating we want to realize the construction of two entire primary schools in Rwanda. Thereby, 1.200 children will get the chance to attend to school, which will result in a better basis to escape the vicious circle of poverty and lacking education. All children have the right to education but in the sub-saharan african countries every third child has no access to schools."

Start helping: We will be gladly forwarding you all UNICEF contact details.

Sports sponsorship (Handball Club Cologne Kangaroos)

We stand behind our products - Therefore we gladly support the animals with the fanny pack!

In the sporting field we sponsor the Cologne Kangaroos who originate from the South of Cologne. We wish the club all the best for the current sporting season including many goals and as few injuries at match days as possible.

We hope they will reach their athletic goals and maybe ascent to a higher league.

As the club consistently searches for sponsors and players, a visit to their website is worthwhile.