Compostable Films

Tbs-pack's compostable bio-films according to EU standard EN 13 432 (Din Certco) are characterised by their sustainability and strong redundancy. Another advantage of these films is their composition of renewable raw materials (lactic acid, corn starch, potato starch or sugar beet), which makes it possible to compost the films at home or in industrial composting plants. All these properties not only contribute to environmental protection, but also make our bio films the ideal packaging solution when it comes to protecting and keeping your products fresh. 


1. Use of 100 % renewable raw materials

2. Reduced ecological footprint

3. Immense reduction in thickness to petrochemical products

4. No disposal / license costs (packaging tax)

Composting means the transformation of organic waste into valuable soil with the help of microorganisms and micro-organisms. The term "compostable" indicates that a certain material can be decomposed during the composting process. 

Compostable according to European standard DIN EN 13432 (industrially compostable standard) means,

(a) that the product is biodegradable under composting conditions.

(b) that the product decomposes to at least 90 % within a composting cycle.

(c) that the product has no toxic effect and does not release heavy metals in the compost beyond a certain limit.

(d) that the product has no negative impact on the composting process.

Applicable raw materials:

  • Wood (cellulose and lignin)
  • Cereal plants (starch)
  • Potatoes (starch)
  • Sugar cane/beet (sugar)
  • Oil plants (vegetable oils)

Our compostable films at a glance


Material: PLA (polylactic acid: consists of maize starch, potato starch or sugar beets)

  • glossy, highly transparent and printable
  • perfect, wrinkle-free shrink result from 85 degrees Celsius onwards
  • harmless to food 

Material LDPE (PLA-based)

  • yellowish cloudy color
  • application examples: dog waste bags, carrier bags, flat bags, tubular film

Possible Film Widths:

Center folded film: 200mm - 500mm

Flat film: 200mm - 1000mm

Possible Film Thickness:

25 my

Application possibilities of our compostable films


  • pastries
  • confectionery
  • fruits / vegetables 


  • print and paper
  • small parts 
  • toys 
  • household goods
  • textiles

Information about our compostable films

  • available in individual sizes and thicknesses 
  • available with perforation on request
  • printable with your personal logo

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunities to produce rapidly according to your individual ideas - also custom-made products or larger quantities.

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