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Find the right packaging machine for your product.

Which packaging machine matches your product?

The horizontal pillow bag machines of our company partner alpha-pack, also called flowpackers, offer a fast and fully automatic solution for packaging various products in polypropylene, polyolefin, cellophane and laminating films. The film is sealed lengthwise and crosswise by extremely stable sealing seams. The film is fed from below or above. The fully automatic flowpack machine processes transparent and printed films; here, the flowpacker is individually adapted to the product. The product is fed manually or automatically via a transport chain. The processing of heat-sealable films such as PP, CPP, OPP, laminate, aluminum films in a wide variety of bag designs is possible.

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Which packaging film matches your product?

OPP film from tbs-pack is food safe and environmentally friendly.  Due to its unique product properties, OPP films can also be safely used as packaging for hygiene and cosmetic products as well as medical products. Flat bags made of PP are not irritating to the skin. In addition, because they are odorless, they do not affect the respiratory system. The OPP film is highly transparent. However, it is also possible to apply a promotional imprint, e.g. of your logo, which makes your goods on the supermarket shelf particularly appealing to the end consumer.

Our Castelli-Film Coex film POF (polyolefin fine shrink film) is also an ideal packaging solution. The film is 5-layer multi-crosslinked and serves as a universal shrink wrap for high demands. It is highly transparent, has very good welding properties, high shrink strength and is food safe. Our fine shrink film can be used on almost all film sealing machines and shrink tunnel systems. Let us convince you of its quality and performance!

With our stand-up pouches / doypack bags, your food / semi-luxury foods are optimally packaged for sale: Our stand-up pouches, also called doypacks, are versatile in many industries. Especially in the food industry, for pet food or even for cosmetic products, doypacks are indispensable today. Due to their particularly high light and armona protection, they are very well suited for food, pastes, liquids and powders (e.g. tea, spices). Thanks to the absolute tightness, your products are optimally protected from air, moisture and UV radiation.