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Find the right packaging machine for your product.

Which packaging machine matches your product?

The skin machines from tbs-pack are very compact and flexible to use (semi or fully automatic). The blister and skin machines help you to firmly connect your product to a skin carton and thus present it in a high-quality and environmentally friendly skin packaging. The skin packaging machines heat the skin film through a radiant heating plate until it becomes thermoplastically moldable. The vacuum effect causes your product to adhere to the cardboard packaging and nestle skin-tight against the same, perfectly tracing the contours of your product. After the skinning process, your product is effectively protected against dust and moisture. 

But also the vertical pillow bag machines of our company partner alpha-pack can be a good choice for you. The vertical pillow bag machines, also called flow packers, offer a fast and fully automatic solution for packaging various products in polypropylene, polyolefin, cellophane and laminating films. The film is sealed longitudinally and transversely by extremely stable sealing seams. The film is fed from below or above. The fully automatic flowpack machine processes transparent and printed films; here, the flowpacker is individually adapted to the product. The product is fed manually or automatically via a transport chain. The processing of heat-sealable films such as PP, CPP, OPP, laminate, aluminum films in a wide variety of bag designs is possible.

The solid and yet inexpensive semi- / fully automatic case sealers of the Nero series from tbs-pack are ideally suited for all case sizes. Depending on the model, the case sealers are driven from the side or from above and below. The case sealers can be individually adjusted (manually or pneumatically) to the respective case formats. The cases are sealed on our case sealers by means of machine tape, which quickly and securely seals the bottom and top flaps of the shipping cases of the same format. Customer-friendly service advice on the suitable case sealer for your company is provided by our in-house packaging engineers. 


Which packaging film matches your product?

OPP film from tbs-pack is food safe and environmentally friendly.  Due to its unique product properties, OPP films can also be safely used as packaging for hygiene and cosmetic products as well as medical products. Flat bags made of PP are not irritating to the skin. In addition, because they are odorless, they do not affect the respiratory system. The OPP film is highly transparent. However, it is also possible to apply a promotional imprint, e.g. of your logo, which will make your goods on the supermarket shelf particularly appealing to the end consumer.

With our PE tubular films, your products are optimally packaged and safely protected against external influences. Our PE films are transparent, food-safe and impress with their high tear resistance and excellent weldability. The PE tubular film is therefore ideal for making up flat bags.

Depending on the product, our PE bags can also be the ideal solution for you! Our packaging film experts will be happy to advise you on this or send a non-binding request for our data sheet and product catalog.