Eco Shrink Tunnel (ST Line)
High performance tunnel - fast and energy-saving

With our eco shrink tunnel, shrink packagings can be produced quickly and efficiently with all shrink films (POF, PE, PVC, PET). The shrink tunnels are ideal for packing industrial and food products that have to be shrunk in film. Our shrink tunnels are equipped, as standard, with heat-resistant transport and chain rods. Thanks to the latest air-circulation-method, the ST line is designed for high-speed processing with semi- or all-automatic packing machines. Modern thermal insulation and energy recovery lead to an efficient energy conservation. 

Technical Details

  • continuous adjustment of temperature and conveyor belt speed
  • wheeled with parking brake, easy to move
  • short heating times due to high-speed blower
  • easy maintenance of the heating elements due to the click-pull principle
  • Teflon-coated chain rods 
  • double thermally insulated
  • usable with all POF-, PVC-, and PE-Films
  • consistent temperature control and adjustment in the shrink tunnel 
  • automatic shut-off from 65°C up

ST-4525 with SWS-5020: Shrinking of frozen pizza

ST-4225 with WSG-4055P: Shrinking of abrasives

Practical Usage Possibilities at a glance:

  • Book packaging 
  • Cardboard packaging, mailings
  • Food packaging 
  • CDs, DVDs, brochures
  • Small parts 

Additional Options:

  • Pressure roller for light products
  • Teflon conveyor belts as grid
  • Special measurements on request 

Different Models:

  • ST-4525
    Tunnel bonnet (L x W x H):1100 x 450 x 250 mm
    Maximum product dimensions (W x H):350 x 200 mm*
    Machine size (L x W x H):1550 x 700 x 1575 mm
    Conveyor belt speed: 18 m / minute**
    Connected load (maximum):9,5 kW
    Supply voltage:400 V / 3-phases
    Machine weight (approx.):360 kg

  • ST-5530
    Tunnel bonnet (L x W x H):1200 x 550 x 300 mm
    Maximum product dimensions (W x H):400 x 200 mm*
    Machine size (L x W x H):1860 x 980 x 1130 mm
    Conveyor belt speed:18 m / minute**
    Connected load (maximum):10 kW
    Supply voltage:400 V / 3-phases
    Machine weight (approx.):365 kg

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling. 

Optional Accessories