Pallets and Cartons
Find the right packaging machine for your product.

Which packaging machine matches your product?

Our stretch wrappers are the ideal packaging solution for you!  Your palletized goods must be securely packed so that the transport can take place without any problems. Without securing, loading the goods for transport would be very difficult or even impossible. The high demands on load securing require ideal solutions. After all, the goods should arrive at the customer's premises undamaged and not pose a safety risk during transport. Do you stretch wrap your pallets by hand? With our stretch wrappers you can save both time and money, because with the high-quality and solid stretch wrappers or pallet wrappers of the Nero series from tbs-pack, your pallets can be stretch wrapped comfortably and time-saving by means of a semi/fully automatic sequence cycle.

The solid and yet inexpensive semi / fully automatic case sealers of the Nero series from tbs-pack are also ideal as a packaging alternative. Depending on the model, the case sealers are driven from the side or from above and below. The case sealers can be individually adjusted (manually or pneumatically) to the respective case formats. The cartons are sealed on our case sealers by means of machine tape, which quickly and securely seals the bottom and top flaps of the shipping cases of the same format. Customer-friendly service advice on the suitable case sealer for your company is provided by our in-house packaging engineers.

Which packaging film matches your product?

Stretch films have been indispensable in securing loads and transports for many years. They are usually made of PE material. The film is used to stabilize products on pallets, protect them from moisture and dust, and prevent theft of palletized goods. 

Depending on the product, different film widths, thicknesses and colors can be used. Moreover, our stretch films are available in various colors: transparent, white, black or even colorful. For special requirements, there are even special UV-resistant sun protection films to protect sensitive goods from sunlight.

Stretch films, as the name suggests, are incredibly stretchable. They can be stretched to five times their actual length. Thanks to these extreme stretching properties, stretch films are especially often used to secure pallets with goods all around and to protect them from external influences and weather conditions. In general, a distinction is made between three types of stretch film: Hand stretch film, machine stretch film and mini stretch film.

Where are stretch films used? Depending on the type of film, there are different areas of application. For example, wide and thicker stretch films are used at airport check-in counters to stretch-wrap suitcases and secure them before transport.  Automatic stretch wrapping machines are often used here.