Solid Products and Boxes
Find the right packaging machine for your product.

Which packaging matches your product?

With the Nero-Pack film sealing machines and shrink tunnels from tbs-pack, your products can be packaged quickly and cost-effectively using film separation sealing. The product is inserted into the film sealing machine or shrink tunnel, the release is manual, pneumatic or fully automatic. The sealing frame opens automatically and the product can optionally be fed into a separate shrink tunnel. The high-quality components and our sophisticated welding technology ensure high-strength weld seams and low-maintenance operation. The easy handling of the packaging machines guarantees flexible and time-saving packaging for large throughput quantities. 


Which packaging film matches your product?

For solid-shaped products or boxes, our POF fine shrink films and our bio-films are particularly suitable!

Advantages of our POF fine shrink films:

Our Castelli-Film coex film POF (polyolefin fine shrink film) is 5-layer multi-crosslinked and serves as universal shrink packaging for high requirements. It is highly transparent, has very good sealing properties, high shrink strength and is food safe.  Our fine shrink film can be used on almost all film sealing machines and shrink tunnel systems. Let us convince you of its quality and performance!

Advantages of our bio-films:

Bio-films are glossy, highly transparent and printable. Foodstuffs can also be packaged without hesitation. In addition, the films are used for book packaging, cosmetic packaging, dog poop bags and baked goods. Our organic films are available as half-tubular films and as flat films. We are also happy to advise you on film thicknesses, as different variants can also be supplied here.