Box Motion (Side Sealing Machine, up to 100 cycles/min)

The Box Motion Side Sealing Machine facilitates a continuous packaging process without product downtime (stop&go). The trailing transverse sealing "flies" towards the product and increases the packaging performance significantly compared to a clocking side sealing machine. The film processing happens by three-sided sealing of a center folded film. The integrated side sealing gives you the opportunity to pack both very small and over-sized products in large quantities. The fast conversion to other product sizes guarantees an efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Technical Details

  • permanently heated transverse and side sealing 
  • simple touchscreen operation through color symbols
  • individually storable programs  
  • bundlings of one ore more products possible  
  • stainless steel version available
  • automatic winding of film waste
  • integrated batch counter and print mark control 
  • safety protection cover / emergency signal lamp 
  • continuous longitudinal sealing, no limit on product lengths
  • servo controlled motor drive for sealing machines and conveyor belts
  • perforation needle rolls, stored on a rubber roller

Data Sheet Box Motion Side Sealing Machine DEAPSS-5020BM

Usable films (center folded)POF / PP / PE 
Sealing mechanism 1:longitudinal sealing (pneumatic)
Sealing mechanism 2:trailing transverse sealing (pneumatic)
Sealing knife width (crosswise):500 mm
Maximum product height:199 mm
Maximum format width (W + H):450 mm*
Maximum reel size (L x Ø):650 x Ø 300 mm
Machine size (L x W x H):2250 x 1700 x 1500 mm
Conveyor belt speed:35 m / minute
Connected load (maximum):4,5 kW
Supply voltage:400 V / 3-phases
Sealing process:up to 100 pieces / minute**
Air pressure (dry air):6,0 bar
Machine weight:approx. 450kg

 * It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling. 

Additional Options

  • Film folding device: Longer production periods by the use of flat films, increased production capacity due to more film running meters, faster changeover times, easy application for printed films 
  • Labeler / Printing unit: Barcode or label printing, upstream or downstream
  • Stainless steel construction: Stainless steel machine components for direct contact with food
  • Conveyor belt kissing function: Especially for small/short product lines
  • Feeding system: Product specific feeding systems (Pusher, lateral conveyor belt, etc) 

Optional Accessories