Hood-Type Shrink Unit

The Nero hood-type shrink unit is the ideal entry-level model for small quantities. Our hood-type shrink unit from the HSM line is characterized by its innovative sealing and shrinking technology. Consequently, your products can be  packaged efficiently and quickly in one work step (2-in-1effect - shrinking + sealing).The ergonomic advantages of or hood-type shrink units compared to conventional units are the excellent sealing properties during film separation (slip-stick effect) and a constant heat circulation process creating an optimal shrinking result.

Technical Details

  • 2-in-1 effect (shrinking & sealing)
  • low-maintenance impulse-belt-technology
  • electromechanical hood sealing via holding magnet
  • digitally adjustable selection programs: shrinking temperature, sealing- , cooling- and shrinking time
  • movable film slide including film perforation unit
  • height-adjustable product support grid
  • including wheeled base frame and film cage
  • low energy consumption / "smart shrinking mode"

Practical Usage Possibilities at a glance:

  • Book packaging, catalogues
  • Cardboard packaging, Mailings 
  • Food packaging
  • CDs, DVDs, brochures
  • Small parts, bundlings etc. 

Product video hood type shrink unit

HSM-620:Shrinking of briquettes

HSM-280: Shrinking of cables

HSM-320: Shrinking of tins

Different Models:

  • HSM-320
    Usable films (center folded): POF / PP / PE / PVC
    Maximum film thickness: 50 my
    Sealing frame size: 320 x 460 mm
    Maximum product dimension:440 x 300 x 200 mm*
    Maximum reel size (L x Ø): 400 x Ø 250 mm*
    Machine size: 1020 x 660 x 1190 mm
    Connected load (maximum): 3,2 kW
    Supply voltage: 230 V
    Machine weight (approx.): 99 kg
    Shrinking process: up to 6 pieces/ minute**
  • HSM-420
    Usable films (center folded):POF / PP / PE / PVC
    Maximum film thickness:50 my
    Sealing frame size:420 x 550 mm
    Maximum product dimension:545 x 400 x 300 mm*
    Maximum reel size (L x Ø):600 x Ø 250 mm*
    Machine size:1320 x 820 x 1190 mm
    Connected load (maximum):3,77 kW
    Supply voltage:230 V
    Machine weight (approx.):151 kg
    Shrinking process:up to 6 pieces/ minute**
  • HSM-620
    Usable films (center folded):POF / PP / PE / PVC
    Maximum film thickness:50my
    Sealing frame size:620 x 800 mm
    Maximum product dimension:780 x 600 x 300 mm*
    Maximum reel size (L x Ø):800 x Ø 250 mm*
    Machine size:1575 x 1020 x 1190 mm
    Connected load (maximum):5,3 kW
    Supply voltage:400 V / 3-Phasen
    Machine weight (approx.):235 kg
    Shrinking process:up to 6 pieces/ minute**

 * It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

 ** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling. 

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