The SST-line offers the ideal shrink solution for the sealing of caps, bottles, cans and other products. The combination of conveyor belt and shrink unit facilitates a flexible integration into the packaging process. The sleeve shrink tunnels are characterized by their precise temperature control and modern thermal insulation. Depending on the product, the shrink tunnel can be constructed with a hot-air fan or a steam function. On our shrink machines, ensuring made to measure suits for the products,  PET-, PVC- and OPS shrink sleeves can be excellently processed.

Technical Details

  • electronic configuration of temperature and conveyor belt speed
  • energy-saving solid-state-relais-control (SSR)
  • stainless steel construction for food or pharmaceutical products 
  • adjustable work height due to the height adjustable conveyor belt 
  • shrink tunnel operation with hot-air fan or steam (optional)

SST-2530: Spice tins

SST-2530 - Nutritional Supplements

SST-1040: Medicine bottles

SST-1040: Spice tins

Different Models:

  • SST-1040
    Tunnel bonnet (L x B x H):1000 x 400 x 100 mm
    Sealing cap diameter:Ø 25 - 80 mm
    Maximum product height:50 - 400 mm*
    Maximum product diameter:Ø bis 100 mm*
    Machine size (L x W x H):1500 x 460 x 1435mm
    Conveyor belt speed:30 m/**
    Supply voltage:230 V
    Connected load (maximum)3,5 kW
  • SST-2530
    Tunnel bonnet (L x W x H):1200 x 250 x 300 mm
    Maximum product height:50 - 250 mm*
    Maximum product diameter:Ø bis 200 mm*
    Machine size (L x W x H):2000 x 550 x 1650mm
    Conveyor belt speed:30 m/minute**
    Supply voltage:400 V / 3-stages
    Connected load (maximum):9,0 kW

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling

Optional Accessories: